Welcome To The Montecito Pet Shop

The Montecito Pet Shop has provided Santa Barbara, California with the finest products to keep your furry friends happy and healthy since 1987. We work hard to find the best supply for your pets, as well as provide a knowledgeable staff. From pet nutrition, to animal care, we can help you find the products you need.

We carry a diverse selection of top quality pet foods and supplies.
We can also make weekly orders of many other products and brands that we don't have on our shelves.
If you have any questions, give us a call or come into the shop to have an employee assist you!

Our inventory has a huge assortment of different pet foods, from dog and cat food, to live feeders, we have what your pet needs!
Check out our product selection including toys, accessories, and apparel for your furry friends!
Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we like to stock our shelves with products that make it easier. We carry an assortment of grooming supplies, flea and tick treatments, accident accessories, and more!
Specializing in freshwater aquariums, we carry tanks, filters, filter cartridges, food, air pumps, air stones, treatments, water conditioner, decorations, cleaning supplies, and more!